How born Babieca Folk

Many festivals take place in summertime in Burgos and province. Outdoors festivals, near to nature and the environment, so we asked ourselves: ‘What if we create a winter festival bringing together musical performances and cultural activities, which brings different cultures and its relationship with music – especially based on Celtic culture- closer to everyone?’ No sooner said than done. After a thorough study, we presented the project to different public and private entities, which found it really attractive. So we celebrated the first Babieca Folk Festival in December 2015.

That’s the origin of our festival, which tries to bring folklore, in all its aspects, closer to the greatest possible public; organizing activities for all audiences, in different artistic facets not only musical but educational in our city schools and bringing music to the city’s hospitals (Hospital Universitario de Burgos and Hospital de Fuente Bermeja), penitentiary,… All of that is possible thanks to our collaboration with Culturapia Burgos and the artists performing in the festival, who selflessly involve themselves in these kind of events, approaching them to an audience that otherwise couldn’t enjoy them.

Babieca Folk Association

Babieca Folk Association is a non-profit association whose main objective is folklore spreading; showing special interest in the traditions of the Atlantic Europe countries.
This association was created in March 2016 and it’s formed by a group of friends that, moved by its passion about traditions and cultural promotion, saw the opportunity of developing the Babieca Folk Festival in Burgos (without dismissing the possibility of programming some activities in other places).
The association members are the ones that provide new ideas, find bands, funding, and develop all the festival schedule.


  • Divulgation and culture spreading, specially the Atlantic Europe folklore, but open to other cultures.
  • Be accessible to all audiences carrying out workshops, educational activities, conferences and concerts for all ages.
  • Be affordable, because we understand that culture must be accessible to everyone.
  • Enjoy concerts with local, national and international bands, both famous and new, hoping that the festival could be the launching pad for new bands.
  • Involve the most number of companies, institutions and associations in Burgos city in order to achieve wide promotion of the festival.
  • Promote Burgos city as a point of reference in the world of Folk.
  • Bring music closer to the ones who can’t go to the festival concerts. (Hospital Universitario de Burgos, Burgos penitentiary…)